mode mode [məʊd ǁ moʊd] noun
1. [countable] a way or means of doing something:
mode of

• susbsidies that support environmentally-friendly modes of transport such as cycling

• traditionalmodes of communication

ˌmode of ˈpayment modes of payment PLURALFORM
a particular way of paying for something; = method of payment
2. [countable, uncountable] the way in which a machine operates when it is doing a particular job:

• When put in playback mode, the machine reproduces the actions previously performed by the operator.

3. [singular] STATISTICS the number that appears most often in a set of numbers

* * *

   The more frequently occurring value within a set of values.

* * *

mode UK US /məʊd/ noun
[C] a way of doing something: mode of transportation/locomotion/production »

The bicycle is still a crucial mode of transportation within Beijing.


Fax was our main mode of communication until email came along.

[C or U] one of several ways that a machine or device operates: »

Do you leave your computer in standby mode overnight?


New electro-hydraulic brakes include the usual automatic and manual modes.

[U] a person's or organization's condition or way of behaving at a particular time, because of the situation they are in: in emergency/crisis mode »

When you are managing a business in crisis mode, you have to take tough decisions.

in attack/defensive mode »

If stakeholders are seen as adversaries, this puts the organization in defensive mode.


growth/expansion mode

[S] the number or value which appears most often in a particular set: »

The survey results are based on calculation of the mode for each question.

Compare AVERAGE(Cf. ↑average) noun, MEAN(Cf. ↑mean) noun, MEDIAN(Cf. ↑median) noun
See Note AVERAGE(Cf. ↑average)

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